Autumn Adventure Style: The Park Walk


Ahhh…. The crunch of leaves, songs of brightfully colored cardinals, and the amazing colors of fall! Even if you claim summer as your favorite season, fall has something everyone can love.

With the cooling temperatures, wardrobes are rotating and updating. So that means breaking out an old favorite or creating a new outfit to reflect your feelings for fall!

As for me, I love to get out and walk in local parks to get the full effect of all the gorgeous colors nature can offer.

Sporting my favorite Athleta jacket, and multifunctional Fossil Sydney crossbody, I took on this easily walkable park found in the middle of Cincinnati!

I enjoyed pairing orange jeans with a patterned black and brown jacket. It gives a pop of color and intrigue to what could be an otherwise very plain outfit.

Paired with suede tasseled Converse, this is autumn all wrapped into one great wearable statement!

Now, I’ve attached a few links to connect you to similar styles! Keep in mind, I buy almost all my clothes second had, so some items are no longer available from their original retailers.

Fear not! Poshmark and eBay are fantastic places to find specific pieces. But don’t forget about your local thrift store. You never know what gems you will find!


Athleta Precipit8 Leaf Pattern Jacket – Here


J Brand Anja Skinny Cuffed Jeans – Here


Fossil Sydney Crossbody – Here


Converse Suede Fringe High Tops – Here

Bourbon & Boweties Bracelets: Not For Everyone


I used to work at a consignment store, and I would see all sorts of fun and interesting items come through the door. One of the more exciting ones in recent history was a customer who brought in a whole bundle of Bourbon & Boweties bracelets.

Bourbon & Boweties bracelets are simple in design. Its a wire wrap bracelet with three charms, usually of the same type, tied into the band.

The charms can be geodes, stones, beads, even coins. The company makes new styles of bracelets constantly, so once you get into these, beware, because your collection will never be complete.


My eyes lit up when exploring through this particular collection. There were so many styles I had never seen before, and it inspired my brain with new possibilities!

I was quick to put on the bracelets in different combinations. Mixing and matching, looking for the perfect collection. They all looked so fun it was hard to choose!

I gravitated the smaller, simpler styles. I focused on color and shape creating a unique variation I was pleased with.

After wearing the bracelets for a few minutes, I quickly began to realize they are one chunky charm of a bracelet. They were so distracting falling up and down my arm that I knew it was not meant to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good statement piece, but there comes a time when fashion and comfort have to agree with one another. Sadly, they did not agree with the Bourbon & Boweties.

I found that these bracelets needed to be layered to get the full effect. Wearing one or two bracelets really doesn’t give way to the charm bracelet style.


However, I found that wearing three or more was much too distracting during typical daily activities. Wearing small charmed bracelets still did not help.

Discovering these adorable bracelets would not be making their way into my wardrobe was surprisingly upsetting for me. It had been a while since I was excited about a new jewelry piece.

Even though I choose not to wear them, I still enjoy the Bourbon & Boweties charm bracelet look. I appreciate the wonderful women out there rocking them, and my hats are off to those daring ladies who wear the giant rocks around their wrist.

Those Awkward Introductions


Hello, everyone!

I know I’m not alone in hating those uber uncomfortable “This Is Me” introductions forced on the first day of every first day of classes. Well, since I went to college and it was supposed to teach me something, I will use this opportunity to utilize what I’ve learned:

Where you’re from: I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. Born and raised here. I just bought my first house and am learning the concept of the everlasting-home-project.

What do you do: I am a graphic designer by trade. I LOVE drawing, designing, creating, thinking, brainstorming, etc. Honestly, doing anything that I can create myself makes me feel alive. I especially enjoy animating.

What do you do for fun: I have two wonderful knucklehead dogs that keep me busy. Luckily, they are pretty lazy, which means I get to play video games or work on personal projects. Oh yeah, and love thrift shopping, especially with friends because they keep me from buying more than I know I should.

What is your favorite book/movie: My favorite book is the Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.┬áIt’s a dark, sad, moving love story with a unique religious theme. It is one amazing book if you’re into that sort of thing. As for movies, I do not have an official favorite, but I do find myself a horror/thriller movie fanatic.

I know these intros can be boring and superficial, but its a good place to start. As we move forward, you’ll get to learn more about me, my style, and how to explore yours.

To new friends! Cheers!