Those Awkward Introductions


Hello, everyone!

I know I’m not alone in hating those uber uncomfortable “This Is Me” introductions forced on the first day of every first day of classes. Well, since I went to college and it was supposed to teach me something, I will use this opportunity to utilize what I’ve learned:

Where you’re from: I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. Born and raised here. I just bought my first house and am learning the concept of the everlasting-home-project.

What do you do: I am a graphic designer by trade. I LOVE drawing, designing, creating, thinking, brainstorming, etc. Honestly, doing anything that I can create myself makes me feel alive. I especially enjoy animating.

What do you do for fun: I have two wonderful knucklehead dogs that keep me busy. Luckily, they are pretty lazy, which means I get to play video games or work on personal projects. Oh yeah, and love thrift shopping, especially with friends because they keep me from buying more than I know I should.

What is your favorite book/movie: My favorite book is the Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.┬áIt’s a dark, sad, moving love story with a unique religious theme. It is one amazing book if you’re into that sort of thing. As for movies, I do not have an official favorite, but I do find myself a horror/thriller movie fanatic.

I know these intros can be boring and superficial, but its a good place to start. As we move forward, you’ll get to learn more about me, my style, and how to explore yours.

To new friends! Cheers!